Villa Roses

Yuca Villa is a beautiful villa along with the sea view and the pool is located in the Lloret de Mar which is about the distance of seven hundred meters. It is located in the district of Sepulcro Romano and the villa is entirely a renovated one; equipped with the advanced amenities which includes Wi-Fi, air-conditioned facilities in the lounge and all the bedrooms along with the central heating. The living-dining room is more spacious one along with the sliding doors, a new kitchen which is spacious too. There are more than five bedrooms and more than two lavatories along with the private pool and the amazing sea views. The living room and the terrace are constructed along with the swimming pool and the large sliding doors. The amazing view of the sea can be seen from the terrace point. Next coming to the kitchen; it is fully a furnished one including the essential things such as the oven, microwave, dishwasher, freezer, coffee machine, kettle, and toaster etc. On the ground level, there are two master bedrooms along with the lavatory. Then coming to the first floor there are three bedrooms along with one lavatory. The second floor is constructed with the two bedrooms along with the access to the balcony.

There are several scheduled activities for the specifically for the water sports enthusiasts.  There are several sea activities such as fishing, Jet Ski, Banana Boat Ride, Windsurfing, Parasailing for a single person and also for the two people. Wake Boarding, Water Ski, Hydro bike, Ocean Kayak, Boogie Board including the Catamaran etc. The activities are fixed with the duration hours and price amount. Sailing in the sea can be both tough and idealized one which totally depends on the wind conditions and the coastline. The best sailing conditions are only in a particular period where the winds are more strong and consistent one. Food, drinks, and music are also provided along with the few tropical bays. This place is also famous for its kite surfers along with its abilities. Here the clear and the shallow water support this water sports activity and the folks can have a fun time. Parasailing is also known to be the parascending or parakiting. It is nothing but a recreational activity where the folks are towed behind a vehicle; which is usually a boat. The most interesting fact is that it is attached to a specially designed canopy wing. This wing reminds about the parachute which is also popularly known to be the parasail wing. The kit’s moving anchor can be anything such as the car, truck or a boat. In detail it can be described that; the pilot is attached to the parasail which is again connected to the boat or a land vehicle with the aid of the tow rope. Then the vehicle drives off, which carries the parascender which is known to be the wing and the person into the air. In case if the boat is a powerful one then two or three people can parasail behind it. There is no any control over the parachute. The real fact is that the activity is typically a fun ride and not to be confused with any sport of the paragliding. Surfing is an outdoor water sports activity which is conducted on the shores of the seas. Here the person is said to be the surfer starts off at a certain distance away from the shore and move towards it; standing straight on a surfboard.

The real fact is that the professional surfing was not started until the year 1975; even though the modern surfing was originated in the early of the 20th century. Typically the surfboards were made up of wood; hence it is automatically a heavier and a bulkier one. The current surfboards are made up of the fiberglass materials which make it lighter and easier to carry at the same time. An interesting fact is that the sport of the surfing is completely based on the different types of the maneuvers surfers. There are many types of the maneuvers such as the cutbacks, carving, floater and the top turn etc. When coming to the point of the competition, the surfers are judged on several factors such as the commitment, degree of difficulty, innovative maneuvers etc. Each and every ride is judged by the panel of the judges and it is awarded by the points from five to ten. This surfing competition is conducted globally including for both men and women. Wakeboarding is a sports activity which is also placed on the surface of the water and it is generally a combination of the water skiing, snowboarding, and the surfing. It was developed in the year 1980 and it is popularly known to be the skurfing and it is said to be that this activity was created in Australia and New Zealand. Here the rider can also be towed in the other ways such as the closed course cable systems, winches, trucks, and the cars etc. On the other side of the coin, there are also various jumps and techniques are performed by the riders and also launching into the air is a possible one.  The boards are coated with the fiberglass and it is usually done in the lakes, beaches etc.


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